Perfect Accommodation for Families in New Zealand

Published: February 14, 2015

When taking a family holiday there are two big components in the budget - the airfares and the accommodation. Sure, meals cost a little more than what you would prepare at home if you eat out a lot for dinner, but that’s all part of being on holiday and it’s not hard to offset this with a few more affordable picnic lunches.

In New Zealand there is a huge range of accommodation options from B&Bs, boutique hotels and lodges to farmstays, guesthouses, holiday parks and apartments, and the list goes on! Sometimes it’s hard to pick one particular type because they don’t always fit into a single price range, but whatever you choose you tend to get a decent quality for what you pay for.

For families to make the most of the space available, have the flexibility to do what they want for meals and to allow everyone to have enough sleep the answer is self-contained accommodation. Yes you’ll still have to do the dishes and the grocery shopping but more importantly you’ll have time and space for the family. From studios to 5 bedroom villas to motels and units in holiday parks there is a self-contained option for every budget. It’s a good way to reduce the cost per person of your accommodation and minimise the cost of your meals by cooking for yourselves occasionally so that you can spend more on doing some fun activities. Gone are the problems of adjoining rooms, of lacking space when you add extra beds into the room and the need to hush once you’ve put the youngest ones to bed.

Self-contained accommodation is available as much in cities as in the countryside and can be alternated with more classic hotel accommodation. It is also suitable if you’re looking for a greater level of comfort as there are luxury villas that can be booked for a night or a week. Let us know what it is you prefer for your family and we will help you better define what works best for you and your budget. 

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