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North Island

When we think of New Zealand, it's usually the spectacular landscapes, dreamy beaches, mountains, lakes and other glaciers that comes to our mind first. Nature predominates the image we have for this country, and this is quite normal.

However, the country offers much more than sensational landscapes. Cities! Yes, cities are worth stopping by because they reflect the lifestyle of part of the population. This allows us, as travellers, to learn more about the culture in which we immerse ourselves during our stay.

Wellington is the second most populated city in New Zealand and yet the capital of the country. Precisely located in the south of the North Island, therefore in the centre of the country, the location is the main factor that has made it a perfect choice of capital.

A city of human size, Wellington regularly appears in the top 10 of the rankings of the most charming cities in the world. Why such an infatuation?

Known for its safety and quality of life, Wellington is a smooth mix of students, workers and tourists. A few cobbled streets, beautiful buildings, narrower streets than in other cities in the country, contribute to the charm of this city which has the highest number of bars per capita in the world!

We like to wander thrift stores, vintage stores where we continue to get our vinyl of all kinds. Wellington is a serene atmosphere, and we love it.

The gourmet scene is very developed, which is why many of the best restaurants in the country are found there. You can eat everything, from excellent homemade cuisine in the city centre to shellfish on the grand esplanade which runs along the sea and which you can explore on foot or by bicycle. In short, every pleasure seeker will find something to suit them.

For craft beer lovers, this is also the ideal place. Many breweries open their doors and allow you to taste beers IPA, PALE ALE, APA ... made in NZ. An exquisite delight!

Wellington is very culturally rich. Discovering the famous Te Papa museum where you can spend hours or days as the content is so relevant. You mainly learn about the earthquakes, the fauna, the flora, the history of the country. We invite you to visit the basement of this museum which contains priceless treasures which cannot be exhibited due to the lack of space. This spiritual and unusual visit is usually prohibited for the general public, but possible through our agency.

Wellington is also the funicular, which allows you to explore the magnificent botanical gardens; it's walking around the small streets to admire the hillside villas. It's also wildlife with lots of activities available from the city. You will have no trouble going to Kapiti Island for the day or even to Abel Tasman Park, thanks to the "flight-cruise-flight" that we offer.

In summary, Wellington is an excellent base camp for exploring nature, discovering the breathtaking surrounding landscapes and learning more about Maori and kiwi culture. To try Wellington is to adopt it. 

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