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Cape Brett: From Bush to Sea

New Zealand has some very famous walks which are so renown that you have to book them months ahead. But it does also have a few which, for some reason, kind of “fly under the radar”. And yet, once you have walked them, you can’t help but wonder why. 

The Cape Brett Track belongs to this category.

On my arrival at Oke Bay Lodge in Rawhiti, where the track begins, I had been really impressed by the elegant white building standing tall right in front of the bay; and had immediately noticed the beautiful deck facing the sea, in anticipation to my next morning breakfast. Yet, when I woke up the following day, I went for a little exploring before heading to the fridge and couldn’t resist the call of the beach hidden behind the lodge: I don’t think anyone could. So it was only after my first swim of the day, a nice shower and a nourishing breakfast that I started my walk.

It didn’t take me long to realise that it wouldn’t be a stroll in the park and the rest of the day proved me right, but I never for one moment regretted it. The views really are breathtaking and seem to be getting better and better along the way. And even if you keep on walking up and down, and then up and down, again and again, you have very pleasant stop options all along where you get to relax in the shade while admiring fantastic vistas.

Half-way down your trek don’t hesitate to add a little detour to Deep Water Cove, to reward yourself with a well-deserved and extremely refreshing swim in transparent waters: it felt like paradise ! I also recommend you end your walk the same way, below the hut where you will spend the night: more transparent waters await you for another very enjoyable swim before another relaxing evening in front of the sea. What better way to conclude a hard day’s walk!

If you’re looking for a great walk in New Zealand then look no further: this is the one!

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